Recruitment Academy is the first and only specialized educational institution for recruiters in Europe. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, it was established back in 2014 with the vision of increasing the credibility of recruitment not only in the Czech market but across the whole Central and Eastern European region.

Education of Individuals as a Tool to Improve Quality of Recruitment

Through education of individual talent sourcers, recruiters and other HR professionals, Recruitment Academy aims to increase the labour market value of each particular country. They offer a wide array of courses headlined by their 2-4 day certification programs offered in 15 countries. They include RACS® [Recruitment Academy Certified Sourcer], RACR® [Recruitment Academy Certified Recruiter] and RACP® [Recruitment Academy Certified Professional].

Aside from the certification programs, people can enjoy a number of courses, trainings and workshops focused on various parts of recruitment – talent sourcing, sourcing on social platforms, interviewing techniques, psychology in recruitment etc. The courses are led by renowned and highly experienced HR professionals often accompanied by guests. The two lectors engaged in most international and home activities are Milan Novák, CEO of GoodCall, the largest talent sourcing centre in CEE and Josef Kadlec, CEO of Recruitment Academy.

The Two Human Pillars behind Recruitment Academy

Josef “José” Kadlec is the heart and soul of the Academy. Formerly a software engineer, he has been dedicated to recruitment for over 10 years trying to “wake up” the market, eventually leading to him becoming the first LinkedIn certified recruiter in Europe.

It was after he published his recruitment book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn RecruitmentCrack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment which left a global footprint on talent sourcing that he met Milan Novák with whom he established the GoodGroup platform consisting of three companies – Recruitment Academy, GoodCall and Datacruit (a software company developing an ATS for recruiters).

Previous to GoodCall, Milan has gathered over 14 years of experience with recruitment as he helped to build the largest recruitment agency in the region working from a top position. Besides his duties as CEO, he often lectures for Recruitment Academy side by side with José and delivers his valuable insights to the participants.

Building the Brand’s Recognition outside the Borders

Most businesses might prefer to branch out into the Western world but that is not the direction that Recruitment Academy took. After Recruitment Academy began their journey in the Czech Republic, Slovakia was the first foreign country where the trainings were offered. Nowadays, Slovakia has its own branch of Recruitment Academy integrated within the local GoodCall office.

After 5 years of hard work, Recruitment Academy is now offering trainings and certification programs in 9 more countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Croatia. Two more are about to be added to the list this fall - Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina leaving the total number of countries where the trainings are available at 15.

Ensuring Quality and a Forward-looking Approach

In order to secure their reputation as a trend-setter and disruptor of traditional recruitment methods, Recruitment Academy has its own Academic Board with 7 members who help the organization move forward in the market and at the same time guarantee high quality of the educational programs.

The chairman of the board is Jan Mühlfeit, former vice-president of Microsoft EMEA who is a respected business professional. Jan is now spending his time coaching and mentoring aspiring athletes, actors, managers and so on. He leads trainings at Recruitment Academy focused on helping to unlock human potential, which is his own personal mission, one of them along the 2012 Olympic gold medallist David Svoboda.

Other board members include Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner at Deloitte CZ, Romana Martincová, HR Manager for L’Oreal CZ/SK, Milan Novák, Josef Kadlec, Jan J. Ženatý, expert on psychology in recruitment and Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, Head of Communication for LMC. The Academic Board is occasionally joined by advisors, one of them being Blake Wittman, European Business Manager for GoodCall. The high level of professionality and life-long experience of these members is a significant part of building Recruitment Academy’s credibility on both domestic and foreign markets.

A Thought for the Future

Recruitment Academy hope to continue to educate HR professionals across the CEE region and offer more trainings outside the Czech borders in the future with the idea of establishing themselves as a credible and reliable source of recruitment expertise.

The new Recruitment Academy website is: